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Crush (2009)

CRUSH is the story of one small town boy who has had a crush on the same girl since High School. Trapped in his small town will he ever finally get the girl and prove to his local pals that he has made something of his life even if it's only for one night? Meet Randy & David the two looser partiers that after high school still party every chance they get, love watching classic WWF wrestling and still work for the BUG GUYS. Also meet Skeeter, the town dope head that has an obsession for THE ROCK, THE OUTSIDERS and finding Pablo the dude who owes him alot of money. Then there are other pals in CRUSH like, Jay-Jay the Porn Editor Guy who has landed what most guys think is the coolest job ever - editing porn all day; Derk, Chet, Julius and Gavin are the cool guys from High School that have made it out of their small town by any means possible and stepping on anyone on their way to get there. Now the leading men at their College Campus they come back to Burlingame for one more round of making Randy & David remember who rules the school, even outta high school. The Fridley Twins aren't really twins but they are sisters and polar opposites. Karra is the mean girl type, she is all about the money, the car and the hottest guy on campus. Stacey is the sweet All-American girl who comes from a small town and is the object of Randy's high school CRUSH, will she break his heart again or will Randy find out that Stacey has had a little CRUSH of her own all along. This movie is about remember the past, moving on to the future and letting go of your fears. It's about love, laughter and oh yea, a whole lot of partying going on - It's your typical 20-something party movie set in the heartland of the middle of good old USA.
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