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MovieQUA is a cool new portal aimed at congregating really inquisitive movie aficionados in one cozy place to discuss and share all their movie knowledge, views, interpretations and opinions.

We are growing quickly and accordingly LOVE to see new questions, reviews, analyses, and answers as more and more people just like you share their vast knowledge for others to benefit from.

What is QUA?
Kind of like a badge, QUA is earned as you contribute to the site. All your contributions will be listed in your user profile page so you can always see the great answers or articles you've written. The more QUA you earn, the more people will want to read what you write, and your badge will keep changing as you get promoted.

We don't share the exact way QUA is calculated but as long as you keep getting involved on the site, you're sure to see flashy new colors over and over! Here are the different badges:
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Tips, Tactics and Rules?
The simple stuff is the easiest. Keep it clean, everything here is aimed at being PG rated so no nudity, hate speech or spam. We're all movie nerds after all and even those we don't get along with generally like watching movies just as much as we do!

Reviews & Analyses are the meat of MovieQUA and the questions and answers are the potatoes. What this crude analogy means is that you need both to fully understand and satisfy your need to absorb any movie you are interested in. Analyses are for personal viewpoints, pointed reviews, and any sort of analysis that relates to the movie in question. Questions and answers pertain to anything related to the movie, from plot to actors and actresses, music, and just about anything else.

As a consequence of the growing problem of spam on the internet, unfortunately we cannot allow any URLs to be posted anywhere on the site. Try to express yourself in any manner you can without pointing to external sites. In most cases this should not pose a significant problem.

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