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Just Add Water (2008)

Imagine the temperature is 120 degrees. No shade because it's the desert. You have to walk for hours to get enough water to live until the next day. This is daily life for hundreds of thousands of people in southern Sudan. They collect surface water from ponds, marshes, and ditches or haul it up from hand dug wells. This water is often contaminated with parasites like the guinea worm and Cholera bacteria. Ironically, Africa's largest aquifer sits directly beneath Sudan. Salva Dut, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, now an American citizen, founded Water for Sudan, a non-profit organization, in 2003 to supply fresh water to the people of southern Sudan - one village at a time, drilling boreholes and installing pumps. Through these simple acts, lives are transformed. The film chronicles Salva's drilling in one of the poorest, most remote, undeveloped places in the world...300 miles from the nearest electricity, a 3 day walk to the nearest medical clinic. This is the story of Salva Dut - the man a Lost Boy has become. It is a story of a people's struggle, their hopes, and resilience -and the powerful changes that one person can put in motion.
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