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A Review & Analysis The Blind Side

A Black man Being used by a White Family

The success of this movie is a testament to how corruptly ridiculous the US has become.

There is no question throughout this movie, and the true story it is based on, that the very rich and very white family that "took this poor black man" into their home did so primarily to get him to play football for THEIR chosen college team so that THEIR college team would benefit from it. First and foremost was not only selfish interest, but a ridiculously decadent selfish interest because it wasn't like they did what they did to enhance their survival, make money for that purpose, or anything of the sort.

It was for the decadency of prestige that so readily coats the richer class of Americans as they become more and more wealthy, unhindered by the same qualms and problems not only their fellow citizens suffer, but the rest of the world.

The fact that this movie made all the money it did is a testament to the delusion that most Americans want to live in, or are taught to believe in. That somehow the blond, white American 'aryan' loves them, takes care of them, and inside has some goodness that they want to bestow upon the rest of the people.

The "emotional" content of this movie is fantastical nonsense created to not only make a dramatic film, but to mask the true nature of the way this black man was used by a pure white family to their end.

Even if the actors, director or producers try to suggest that this was part of the story - that even though they initially pursued it for their own interest it grew into something more, that's not a relevant point. The very fact that they would consider using a poor black man for their own ends, ends that are in of themselves ridiculously decadent, does not in any way legitimize the emotional breakthroughs that may have been felt.

Would they care for him if he broke his leg? Would they value him as they did throughout the movie? Or would he slowly become this black man who is a burden on them, completely unlike their true white children?

Ask yourself that and you will understand my gripe.
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Comment #1
I did not intend to come off as racist at all, by the way. This is not a white vs black thing. It is a rich, elite vs poor dejected thing.
Comment #2
I don't think it is as much about racism as it is elitism, as you said.

Also I agree with most of your article. Somehow this movie seemed okay to most people even though to me it was not emotionally uplifting.

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