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A Review & Analysis Breaking Bad

Priceless Scenes that make up for the Slow Ones

There are so many slow, dragged out scenes in this show, but unlike other shows where you regret being invested in it, Breaking Bad has a way of throwing in awesome/stimulating scenes and interactions that feel so satisfying that it becomes a staple reason for why you keep watching it.

Some examples of entertaining/stimulating scenes:

- When Walt sees an unattended trolley in the hardware store loaded with meth making ingredients and upon the trolley owner's return Walt starts lecturing him about how the dude has chosen the wrong matches and how he should be more careful. The guy freaks out and runs away. Then five minutes later, Walt goes through some realization and walks out to find the amateur drug makers in the parking lot and in an extremely stern and fearless tone tells them to 'Stay off my territory'.

- Walt's cancer recovery-party speech, something along the lines of "When I found out I had cancer, I thought why me?; and when I found out that my cancer was in recession, I also though why me?" followed by a smile and a cheers to all the distraught looking people at his party.

- When Walt's wife Skyler tells him that she's 'fucking' Ted (her boss)

- Walt burning his half a million dollars in cash on his BBQ only to come to his senses upon which he throws his flaming money (and himself as he's also caught on fire) into his pool.

- When Jesse takes revenge on his parents by buying back his dead Aunt's house from them, (the house he used to live in, which they kicked him out of). The scene where Bob Odenkirk's character (Saul the lawyer) represents Jesse and meets Jesse's parents to negotiate the price by springing the whole 'you had a meth lab in the house that you didn't disclose which is a criminal offence' shpeal was GREAT. Of course at this point the parents don't know that the lawyer is working for Jesse and so after they sell it and discover the who the new owner is, that is a good scene too - but not as good as Odenkirk's scene.

These are just a handful of entertaining scenes from the top of my head. Whilst Breaking Bad has it's slow scenes that call for some fast forwarding, is quite entertaining and of course the characters and the acting has a lot to do with it. Bryan Cranston is a serious actor and you really get to see him display his acting talent in this show. Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman's character makes an interesting duo with Walt and the two of them together are the meat and potatoes of the show (Walt more than Jesse) - their love-hate chemistry is definitely part of the appeal of this show. Overall, thanks to stimulating (and sometimes weird) scenes acted out well by these characters, Breaking Bad is one series that is a do follow for me.

Ps - I am only halfway through the third season so my review is based on seasons 1-3.
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