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Playback (2012)

An emotionally haunted Steven is forced out of isolation when his sister Vivian vanishes from her home in Bogota. In his search to find her, the introverted American boards a plane bound for the dangerous and perverse city, knowing nothing about Vivian's life except what she had written in emails - she was in love, for the first time, with a local named Alex. Steven is befriended by his sister's sexy roommate, Elsa, who helps him navigate the sinister city in order to find the suspiciously elusive Alex. Upon locating Alex's abandoned apartment, Steven finds a collection of hidden videotapes containing hours of "peeping tom" footage of Vivian, all shot without her knowledge. As Steven plays back the tapes, he is confronted with the harsh truth - in Bogota, nothing is what it seems... including his sister. Convinced that Vivian's methodical stalker is behind her disappearance, Steven becomes obsessed with finding Alex and plunges into a world where the truth is the biggest danger of all.
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