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Walk Don't Run (1966)

The British industrialist Sir William Rutland - "Bill" to his friends - is in Tokyo on a business trip during the time of the Summer Olympic Games there in 1964. Having arrived two days before their start, he has problems finding a hotel room. Spotting an ad posted on a British Embassy's message board, Bill goes in search of a room to sublet, and he wrangles his way into the apartment of Christine Easton, who is renting out the sitting room of her one-bedroom apartment as a bedroom for the duration of the Olympics. Bill's short-term living situation in Christine's sitting room is despite her solely having looked for a female roommate. Soon thereafter, Bill meets Steve Davis, an athlete with the American Olympic team who seems to be reluctant to disclose in which event he is competing. Like Bill, Steve has arrived in Tokyo two days early, and also like Bill, and without Christine's knowledge, he also wrangles his way into Christine's flat, to share her sitting room with Bill. Christine is reluctant to tell anyone of her new roommates because of the perceived impropriety. Those not in the know include her fiance of twenty-two months, Julius D. Haversack, the Second Secretary to the Minister of Protocol at the British Embassy. Bill, who has met Mr. Haversack, considers him to be officious and obnoxious. Despite Christine's being in a relationship, she and Steve gradually fall for each other. Seeing what is happening between the younger pair, Bill does whatever he can to push the two together and to get Mr. Haversack out of the way. When the truth comes out about the roommate situation, Bill sees a different opportunity for Christine's and Steve's joint happiness.
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