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Chjik ysai Macross (1982)

In the middle of World War III in 1999, an alien ship appears out of nowhere to crash on deserted Macross island. In response to this event, a cease fire is declared and the ship is explored by all the nations of the planet who learn of a potential extraterrestrial threat that could come to retrieve it. In response, the nations of the world unite to create the United Nations Space Navy or UN Spacy for short. For ten years, the ship is rebuilt as Super Dimensional Fortress One (SDF-1) and its technology is adopted for use. On the day of its formal launch, the alien foe arrives as the Zentrani who are determined to retrieve the ship intact for its technology. As Earth defends itself, we also see the personal lives of the crew and residents of the ship as the war profoundly changes them as they fight to stay alive. Meanwhile, the Zentrani learn that their enemy bears an uncomfortable resemble to their creators, the Protoculture, a fact which threatens to take this war down paths that no one can anticipate.
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