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Muñeca brava (1998)

"Solitude" is the name of the big mansion owned by the Di Carlos. And it's also solitude what lies behind doors and walls, in the cold dining room where the family gathers for dinner, along the silent corridors, and mainly in the old mistress's bedroom, from where only weak footsteps can be heard at dawn. Federico Di Carlo and Luisa Rapallo's marriage basically aimed at two purposes: it enabled Federico to keep the economical and social leadership of his family after going bankrupt and save Luisa's honor. Just a few characters will carry on their shoulders the heavy burden of that secret; a secret that binds them...and confronts them. At the convent, Milagros keeps joyfully playing her mischievous pranks. As Mother Superior would say "Milagros is essentially roguish. She looks like a boy and is mad about soccer". The priest of the parish, a well known supporter of Boca Juniors Football Club, has called her "Cholo", after a famous Argentine player of the 60's. Milagros shows to have the sports knack although many a times she may clumsily kick her opponent's leg when scoring a goal. Milagros also loves dancing and very often runs away from the convent to enjoy the popular balls in town together with one of her mates. Dancing is like paradise to her; she dances and laughs, laughs and dances. That's how she meets Ivo, a young man who will find it difficult to associate that cheerful and beautiful young woman with Cholo, the girl who disguised as a boy can sell cold sodas in the soccer fields and stamps in the streets. Ivo and his father have a construction company. One Saturday morning, he and his friend Bobby head to a nearby soccer field to watch a game. Ivo feels thirsty and approaches a boy who's selling sodas. Needless to say that the alleged boy is Cholo. "Give me one, please...How much is it?". "One you are", answers Mili. Ivo takes the paper glass and replies "Thanks, Cholo..". Mili gets so upset that she splashes the content of the glass right on to his face. "Cholo, my balls!" answers the girl back, and runs away. Ivo is completely baffled. From then on, Ivo and Milagros will begin to live the most amazing and enticing love story. Milagros arrives to the mansion and their lives will get entangled in a series of agreements and disagreements, of stolen kisses and disappointments, a love story but a very different one though since Cholo is not the usual type of girl Ivo is used to dealing with. Milagros will discover she loves his stolen kisses and will eventually fall in love with him. But she will pay too dear for her discovery as for the rest of the coming events. She will also discover she is not an orphan and that her father is very close to her, far closer than expected.
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