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Gray Matters (2006)

Professor Ellen Greenkitchen is at the top of her game in the field of forensic theory when she suffers a stroke and ends up in a small, experimental rehabilitation facility - Hyper-Cure. Maria Lopez is a rebellious teenager who is getting in trouble at her High School. The school counselor gives her a choice to avoid suspension from school - she can volunteer at Hyper-Cure. Maria accepts the alternative to suspension from school, and is assigned to help cheer up Ellen Greenkitchen. Ellen has not been making progress as expected and the staff at Hyper-Cure thinks she needs a project. Since Ellen was so close with her students before her stroke and doesn't trust most adults, Maria is the perfect antidote to Ellen's stagnation. Ellen and Maria quickly develop a quirky friendship and learn they have some common interests. Soon Maria is taken under Ellen's wing as Ellen teaches Maria about detective work. When Ellen's roommate 'falls' and mysteriously disappears, Maria begins searching Hyper-Cure for clues about what could have happened. As they look deeper they both discover a dark secret lurking within the rehabilitation center which is beyond anything they ever imagined. Ellen enlists the help of two of her friends at Hyper-Cure to set a trap to prove her findings which leaves everyone in danger.
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